Throughout the history of the Gaston HR (formerly named GCPA), networking among its members has been an invaluable asset.  All levels of Human Resource professionals, from companies in our area, have representation in our organization.  We encourage our members to network with each other.  In doing so, we no longer have the benefit of simply our own experience, we can share the collective experience of Gaston County’s industry and community leaders.  The ability to call on a Gaston HR member to “bounce” ideas off of, to find out what is happening in a particular industry, to compare possible solutions to similarly situated circumstances, etc. is the tie that binds.


In 1997, the Gaston HR developed the Gaston County Personnel Institute, a 10-session comprehensive training course in personnel issues, industrial relations, labor relations, safety, legal issues, team building and training.  The first year there were 28 participants in this extensive program.  This program is slated to be offered again in the near future.


The 2000-2001 Board of Directors met and discussed the direction in which the Gaston HR should focus its efforts.  This Board felt very strongly that the association was ready, and needed, to proceed to the next level of commitment and growth.  With the influx of new business and industry in the greater Gaston area, businesses and their Human Resources professionals needed an area organization that would be a resource and catalyst for both business and professional growth.


As such, there have been, and will continue to be, positive steps taken to bring about the association’s functional presence in the community, to meet our current members’ needs by providing cutting-edge professional growth resources and networking structure, and to introduce area non-member businesses, and their Human Resource professionals, to the benefits of our organization.


These next years have the prospective of being an exciting time for our organization.  Gaston HR is an emergent treasure ready to break forth.  The millennium itself is a time of breaking paradigms.  The world is ever changing, and we, as professionals in our respective industries, must be ready to meet the challenges set before us.  Gaston HR is an organization committed to helping you personally, and professionally, meet these opportunities head on.