Professional development is one of the primary purposes for our association’s establishment.  We recommend the following guidelines be used in preparation for your presentation to our membership.


Although our focus is on human resources, this is a broad field with varying degrees of expertise represented within our membership.  Some members are fairly new to the profession; others are highly experienced strategic human resource leaders.  We recommend that each speaker provide current and leading edge materials while recognizing the need for clarity to our diverse membership.


Your presentation topic should include practical applications for HR professionals.


Your presentation should approximate 45 minutes maximum with an additional 15 minute Question and Answer or Membership Comment period.  Our group benefits greatly when a presentation includes membership participation.


Each speaker is expected to not include sales pitches or the promotion of their business(es) to our membership.  Your presence will familiarize our members with you and they may opt to contact your business accordingly.



In order to prepare for your speaking engagement,  please submit the following four weeks prior to your scheduled meeting date:
  • An outline of your presentation; or a copy, if available.
  • Your brief speaker bio, to be used at least in part to introduce you to our group.  Suggestions for your bio include pertinent information regarding your topic and area of expertise, including, as appropriate, information on your education, awards, involvement with other HR associations, speaker credentials, etc.
  • A list of any audio visual equipment you will require for your presentation, so we can have the room prepared accordingly.
  • This information should be provided to Karol Dewitt, SPHR four weeks prior to the date of your presentation to GastonHR.
Karol Dewitt, SPHR | Dole Fresh Vegetables | 220 Southridge Pkwy | Bessemer City, NC 28016
704.629.0035 |
Thank you for being a part of Gaston HR’s professional development and human resources expertise presentations.